Winter Faith Collaborative Safe Park


Saint Jude's is part of an interfaith movement that aims to serve and shelter those among us who are unhoused and living outdoors...


If you are in need of shelter - either indoor overnight, indoor daytime, or if you need a safe place to park - please reach out to Winter Faith Collaborative by email or phone: or call (408) 345-5351. 


Santa Clara County's Homeless Census counts more than 7,000 individuals in Santa Clara County as homeless.  Of these, 5,400 were estimated to live outside, or in their cars.  Without safe park options, in the City of Cupertino individuals using their vehicle for "sleeping quarters" on a public street face fines that begin at $100 and scale to $500 for multiple offenses.


To learn more of the life circumstances that St Jude's and the Winter Faith Collaborative are responding to, watch this video about compassion and the choices we can make to live out our faith.  For more information about Safe Park at St. Jude's contact Becky Smith.


Whoever you are, wherever you are on your journey of faith, you are welcome here.