At St. Jude’s, the vestry is an integral part of strategic planning and goal setting for the mission of the parish. The vestry is called to support the parish mission by word and deed, to ensure effective organization and planning, and to manage resources and finances.

There are 12 members of St. Jude’s Vestry. Four members are elected each year at the January annual meeting for a 3 year term of office. The group meets monthly.

The 2018 Vestry: Pat Coles, Jr. Warden Ken Foot, Lauren Minkel, Shanie George, Mason Razavi, Rev. Sarah Lapenta-H, Sr. Warden Kathy Yates, Judy Bailey,  Don Disney, Rector Wilma Jakobsen, Vestry clerk Susan Davenport, Liz Mulford, Scott Rotondo, (not pictured are: Mary Lyn Azar and Laura Bryson.)

Members of the Vestry, by the last year of their three year term, are:

2018:  Mary Lyn Azar, Laura Bryson, Pat Coles, Mason Razavi
2019:  Liz Mulford, Shanie George, Ken Foot, Judy Bailey
2020:  Don Disney, Lauren Minkel, Scott Rotondo, Kathy Yates

Kathy Yates is our Senior Warden.  She acts as the chair of the vestry. Ken Foot serves as the Junior Warden.  The clerk of the vestry is Susan Davenport, and the treasurer is Jeffrey Pugh.


The vestry is the elected lay leadership of the parish.  The vestry is entrusted with the temporal affairs of the church, tasked to work with financial aspects of church life, work with the rector and other lay leaders on program, mission, and evangelism for the good of the church locally, regionally, and nationally. 

They function as a trustee making sure the best interests of the local church are being managed on a regular basis.  As trustees, they carry a dual responsibility: to carry out a set of legal mandates as officers of a chartered corporation; and to be the decision-makers of a congregation that is committed not merely to the preservation of a physical institution but engagement in ministry and mission that is constantly changing.  -- [Vestries in the Episcopal Church, by Robert Hansel, Forward Movement Publ. 1993]

In each Parish the Rector, Wardens, and Vestry shall be the directors and officers authorized by law or by the Articles of Incorporation to manage the affairs of the Parish as a corporation.  -- [Canon 19.1 of the Canons of the Diocese of El Camino Real]

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