Social Justice Outreach Committee


St. Jude's parish, in community with the Anglican Communion of 80 million worldwide, learns from, shares and contributes to the church's mission and ministry - locally within the Diocese of El Camino Real, nationally and around the world.


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St. Jude's Social Justice Outreach ministry seeks to foster the parish community's commitment to social justice, encourage parish mission, recruit outreach volunteers, and direct parish funds to persons, programs and missions in greatest need.

The committee considers:

  • Stewardship of funds the Parish devotes to social justice and outreach
  • Opportunities for personal contributions of passion, time, and talents
  • Advocacy for those in need who cannot advocate for themselves

The committee is guided and sustained by Christ's commandment to treat our neighbors like ourselves, by our gratitude for the gift of creation, and by our realization that we are stewards of all that we possess.

In May 2011, the Reverend Roger Bowen visited St. Jude’s to share his outlook from decades of work in Haiti.  He gave a poignant prayer for children, written by newspaper columnist Ina Hughes, that expresses the call to serve those less fortunate than ourselves.  It concluded with these words:

We pray for children who want to be carried,
and for those who must,
for those we never give up on
 for those who don't get a second chance.
...and for those who will grab
the hand of anybody kind enough to offer it.

                                      --Ina J. Hughs, Children



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