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School kids at Saint-Patrick

“The ancient vision of a healed world demands that all people have decent and dignified life possibilities – clean water, adequate food, shelter, medical care, education for their children...”

Presiding Bishop Katherine Jefferts Schori

Revde Denise Tervine, here with students at Saint Patrick in Oct 2017, is St. Jude's new partner in Haiti.  One of the first women to be ordained in Haiti, she is responsible for Saint Patrick and two other schools.

For the 2016-17 school year, all sixth grade students at Saint Patrick school passed their year-end exams to advance to the next grade level.  Of the 124 students enrolled in first through sixth grades, 90% passed, the best performance since the start of St. Jude's partnership with the school.

At year-end, including kindergarden, there were 183 students at Saint-Patrick, 92 boys and 91 girls.

In 2015, donations from St. Jude parishioners combined with allocations from Vestry provided Social Justice Outreach funds underwrote the rebuilding, reroofing and installation of safety railings for the classroom buildings at Saint Patrick....



Since 2011, St. Jude’s has partnered to serve and strengthen the Episcopal mission community and primary school of Saint-Patrick School in an area named Locorbe on the central plateau of Haiti.  Some 180 students walk from family farms to attend PreK through 6th grade classes at Saint-Patrick.  

Kids at recess


Support for student tuitions, classroom materials, and a new well for safe water at St. Patrick have been made possible through our partnership.

There is much to do to build up Saint Patrick’s as an institution and help it become self-sustaining.  Through tuition support and funds for the purchase of curriculum materials, the Calif friends of Saint Patrick provide support for about 75% of the cost of operating the school.

Individual parishioner support

Individual St. Jude’s parishioners have opened their hearts to Saint Patrick’s and also provided financial support.  Through December 2016, over $48,000 in individual donations have been received. There are four categories of support:

  1. Undesignated donations - to the California friends of Saint-Patrick. Support for individual student tuition suport; rice and beans for lunches and other needs as they arise.
  2. School expansion fund - for buildings and infrastructure at Saint-Patrick. Including classrooms to add grade levels, cooking facilities, latrines.
  3. Enhanced learning environment at Saint-Patrick - textbooks, study materials, supplemental books, classroom enrichment.
  4. Financial aid for continuing studies - by students who have graduated from Saint-Patrick. 

Location of St. Patrick

From our initial clergy partner Fr. Amirold Lazard:  “We are all grateful for all you've done and what you are willing to do for us.  Blessings to all our friends in California.   Lazard+”

Whoever you are, wherever you are on your journey of faith, you are welcome here.