Parish Library

St. Jude's maintains a lending library, located in the Farmhouse. And a rotating selection of books is also available on the book cart in the Parish Hall. The library is self-serve, and books, movies, and audios can be checked out anytime during office hours. Please sign-out the book on the card provided and return it when you have finished.

The Library Committee has installed shelf labels and alphabet cards to make locating books easier. Readers can search for books by browsing the shelves, searching the listings on the library computer, or from the Title Catalog. Thanks to parishioner donations, the library has many new books which are kept on the book cart for one month, then shelved in the Farmhouse.

To access our online catalog go to:

You can search for a book several ways.

1. if you know what you want -
  enter author, title, or subject in the SEARCH THIS LIBRARY box (not the "search site" box!)
2. if you want to get book ideas or see our collection -
  You can browse by LIST, COVERS, TAGS (subjects) or AUTHORS, then click on a book.

You can easily see all that is available in our library, and the colorful array of book covers. It's like shopping for free reading opportunities!

A few books appear that are not in our collection and will be identified as a wish list book. If you have this book and would like to donate it, or if you would like to buy it for us we would appreciate it very much. If you want to browse only available books, scroll to YOUR LIBRARY in the SEARCH COLLECTION box ) or you can choose WISH LIST to see those books. To see the combined list select ALL COLLECTIONS . There are further tabs you can experiment with using.

Questions? Ask a library committee member: Charlotte Pannell, Jean Lin, Peter Lin, Susan Witherspoon, Lianne Card, or Carole Kennedy.

Whoever you are, wherever you are on your journey of faith, you are welcome here.