Men's Getaway

This is a fun weekend to spend together in a beautiful mountain setting. Plan on arriving Friday evening to stay at one of three cabins owned by members of our church. Saturday activities include hiking, fishing, golf, or relaxing. We have a dinner together Saturday evening. Sunday we have a brief service followed by brunch. Cost is usually about $60 per person.  We keep the cost low by asking that everyone assume some task during the weekend.  Nothing strenuous or difficult.  If everyone chips in the burden is minimal.  The estimated cost includes staying at the cabin Friday and Saturday evening, Saturday Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, and Brunch on Sunday.  Guests will need to bring a sleeping bag, pillow, clothing and personal toiletries.  The weather can be changeable, from warm to cool days.  We have had light showers on a couple of weekends. Sure hope you can attend!  Please let me know soon as the cabins often fill quickly.

Job Descriptions
Open Positions:

•Dinner captain: Plan the dinner, organize the dinner crew, set-up, cook/buy, serve, clean up
•Cabin shopper (one from each cabin): buy breakfast, lunch, and snack foods for each cabin (drought supplies to minimize water use - paper plates, plastic ware and cups)
—Dinner Helper – help set up and clean up for Dinner on Saturday Evening
—Brunch Helper – help set up and clean up for Brunch Sunday morning

Filled Positions:
Job Descriptions
•Brunch captain: Plan the brunch, organize the crew, set-up, cook/buy, serve, clean up – Howard Prock
•Pastor: plan and lead the Sunday service – Bruce Bramlett
•Hike leader: plan the hike, coordinate carpools to/from the hike.  Will lead the hike – Gordon Mullin
•Golf organizer: contact group and build list of golfers on each day, contact golf courses and make tee times, communicate times/prices with golfers – John Kemp
•Beer guy: shop for beer and EANABs and distribute to each cabin – Brock Carpenter
•Treasurer: collect receipts for reimbursable expenses, calculate the total cost for each person, calculate the net owed to or due from each person, collect from or pay to each person – Ned Snow (tentative)

Cabin Hosts: Don Disney, Steve Stolarik, Dan Varty
You can have a wonderful time at this outing!  Great for newcomers to the Church!  Two cabins have pool tables, and we often play a bean bag game at the Stolarik Cabin Saturday evening.  I’d like to hear from you if you are interested in attending the event.  Please reply to Tad Davis (408) 245-9225 or

Whoever you are, wherever you are on your journey of faith, you are welcome here.